Thriveanooga – In Person Event for Catholic Youth Ministers


A one-of-a-kind, in-person event exclusively for DIOCESAN youth ministry leaders.

APRIL 24-27, 2023

in chattanooga, tn


don't call it a conference.

SERIOUSLY, THRIVEanooga is Not a conference.

It's a highly-relational and truly interactive event created by youth ministers for youth ministers. We took everything we love about conferences, and added more of that. We also threw away the stuff we didn't love and added what we thought was missing. The end result was a two and half day event unlike anything else you've ever been to.
We call that result "Thriveanooga",
and we think you're going to love it!

"Everything about Thriveanooga felt exactly right. The conflab model that allowed for real expertise to be engaged and shared was perfect. Not once did I find myself being talked at or unseen. This experience was intimate and wonderful."Carol Wiget (Diocese of Birmingham)

who is this for?

This version of Thriveanooga was created exclusively for people who work in Catholic youth ministry at the diocesan level.If you can emphatically answer yes to all the questions below, then you should join us for Thriveanooga Diocesan Edition!

"This week was the most profitable way I have spent my time at the diocese! I have made contacts and friends. The creative collaboration that always ended with an action plan is incredibly fruitful! It was exhausting brain work! But balanced with fun, competition a good food! I left feeling lifted up, educated, seen and heard! God is good!"Bobette Huzovic(Diocese of Steubenville)

who's been already?

The dioceses below have joined us in 2022
for the first Thriveanooga Diocesan Edition:

Diocese of

Diocese of

Diocese of

ArchdIOCESE of

Diocese of

Diocese of

Diocese of

Diocese of

Diocese of
Green Bay

We'd Love to add YOUR DIOCESE To the list!

"Thriveanooga Diocesan Edition is the most practical, results producing, and relationship building ministry experience I have participated in to date!"Mark Loyet(Diocese of Belleville)

so what is it?


We're not bringing in big name speakers for this event, the biggest asset of Thriveanooga is you. Every person who comes has their own skills and experience, so we're going to leverage that for everyone's benefit.

Rather than keynotes and lectures, the day is filled with collaborative sessions we call conflabs. We'll work together to create action-oriented solutions to your real world ministry problems.

It's all about learning from and challenging each other.


We are not looking for cookie cutter solutions, we're ready to push the envelope, challenge conventions, and dream up creative and innovative solutions. To make that possible, we've structured each day to give time and space for creative thinking and group brainstorming sessions.


Our team is not picking the topics to be covered at Thriveanooga, you are!

After you register, you'll get to suggest topics for conversation. Based on upvotes from all the registered attendees, we'll choose the most requested topics and build the content for the event around those.


More than anything else, Thriveanooga is about community. Especially after the year we've all just had, we know everyone is in desperate need for real, in-person community. We've built the schedule and intentionally chosen the hotel and meeting spaces that will foster community.

We've built Thriveanooga to be intentionally small. It's far too easy to get lost in the sea of people at a big conference – that won't happen at Thriveanooga. By the end of the week, you'll know everyone's name.

We will be facilitating pre-event and post-event conversations inside of Thrive to make sure that community we build at Thriveanooga doesn't stay at Thriveanooga (though the stories might).

THRIVEanooga is COnstructive.

When you head home from Thriveanooga, you won't be leaving empty handed. Throughout the week, we will be building innovative solutions together. You'll be able to take back these solutions and implement them in your ministry right away and make real change (we're not just talking theory).


At ProjectYM, everything we do is rooted in our Catholic faith – Thriveanooga is no different. We'll have dedicated time to pray, worship, and celebrate the Sacraments together. We're honored to be joined throughout the event by various clergy and Catholic worship leaders.

"You know how the best part of a conference is the work that gets done in the real conversation over lunch, in the lobby, and at the hotel bar? Now imagine a whole conference with those conversations. That's Thriveanooga Diocesan Edition."Doug Ulasek(Archdiocese of Milwaukee)

the thriveanooga mansion

We'll be living it up in a gorgeous mansion on Signal Mountain...This place is going to blow you away!

a few more details


"The collaboration and insight gained from others in the field was invaluable and will have a lasting impact upon our long term planning in our Diocese.  It’s also important to be refreshed and uplifted by peers and shared prayer."Tommy Nelson(Diocese of Green Bay)

early bird rate

ONLy 10 spots available at this rate

per person

Early bird rate is only available as double-occupancy.
This fee is non-refundable (unless we cancel the event).

what does it cost?

We've talked to a LOT of diocesan directors, and we know budgets are VERY tight this year, so our team made the decision to INVEST IN YOU this year.

We've slashed the price of Thriveanooga Diocesan edition because we believe in the work you're doing, and we know that what you get out of this week will bring HUGE VALUE to the parish youth ministry leaders you work with.

So yes, we're LOSING MONEY on this event. It actually costs us $729/person to make this event happen, but this year we're only charging...

per person

Two Important Notes:
(1) Registration fees are non-refundable.
(2) If you budgeted more than $189 for this event, consider adding a donation to your registration cost when you sign up.

what's the catch?

To do it at such a ridiculous price point means we are VERY LIMITED on space. So don't wait to register: claim your spot now!

Spots left

"Thriveanooga Diocesan Edition was very worthwhile to my formation in diocesan-level ministry with young people and those who serve
them. It brought a renewed energy and many valuable insights to my ministry – and strengthened community with ministry peers. Highly recommended!"Karl Dolson(Archdiocese of Louisville)

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registration opens august 1st

There's ONLY 12 Spots Available,


registration is open!



scholarship fund

We want to make it possible FOR every diocese TO SEND SOMEONE TO THRIVEANOOGA

while that goal isn't a reality (yet), we do have a small scholarship fund available for those who need it. Enter your details below to find out more:


While we aren't giving out ALL the details about Thriveanooga, we do want to give you the information you NEED to know.If you have other questions, click the red chat bubble in the corner and ask – we just might answer them!

"Thriveanooga Diocesan Edition is an incredible opportunity to be renewed in the vision and mission of youth ministry at the diocesan level! This is a great opportunity to collaborate with like minded ministers and establish friendships from all over the country!"Megan Vantslot(Diocese of Metuchen)

Made by Michael Marchand