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Other Catholic youth ministers are looking for answers, and I'm betting (with your experience) you've got some! While there is tons that you will get out of being a Thriver, one of the best perks is being able to help out other leaders in need.
"Thrive has been such a blessing to me and my ministry. As a new youth minister, having a community to get advice and ideas from has helped me feel less isolated and overwhelmed. Thrive helps me feel supported and empowered!"
Jessica Lemoine

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In the world of youth ministry, there's a lot to talk about! Those conversations can get a little overwhelming, so we organize them inside of Thrive not by "what" but by "who".

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"Thrive has been awesome to be part of. I love that it is a community that is interactive in a familiar social media type platform that is easy to use. Being able to connect with other youth ministers has been such a wonderful experience and whether you have a question, prayer request or are looking for a resource, you feel like it’s more personal and you are among friends."
Jenn D'Angelo Lucovic

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The Thrive Community is filled with hundreds of Catholic youth ministers of all shapes, sizes, and flavors: Newbies and Veterans. Introverts and Extroverts. Full Time and Volunteer. From Big Parishes and Small Parishes. Planners and Improvisers.

But we're all in this together!


This feature is available exclusively for Thrive Pro members, but don't worry: your diocese already bought you a Thrive Pro membership!

Student Leadership

Jim Beckman
Jim Beckman explores the question of "student leadership". Should you have student leaders? If so, who should they be? How should you form them? And what should they be responsible for? His answers might surprise you.

Pro Youth Ministry

Rich Curran
Rich Curran (from Parish Success Group), walks us through how to get your parish to be PRO youth ministry and (more importantly) what professional youth ministry looks like – whether you're a paid staff member or not.

All Inclusive

Lindsey West
Lindsey West (from Uniquely Catholic) helps us have the important conversation about how to change our mindset and our ministry to be more open to teens with all kinds of abilities and special needs.

Funding Your Mission

Matt Rice and Dylan Browning
Matt Rice (Founder and President of Ablaze Ministries) and Dylan Browning (Director of Development for Ablaze) discuss the importance of fundraising for your ministry and challenge us to rethink our asking strategy.


Tony Vasinda
Tony Vasinda (cofounder of ProjectYM) talks about how we are all spiritually gifted and irreplaceable. Just like our physical DNA, we each have unique spiritual DNA, designed by God to used to serve Him and build the Kingdom.

No Perfect People Allowed

Michael and Crystal Marchand
Michael and Crystal focus on how to build a ministry that welcomes brokenness,  encourages those we minister to (and with) to remove their masks, and highlights how God works through our brokenness to make us new!

Student Transitions

Michael and Crystal Marchand
Michael and Crystal talk you through the developmental phases teenagers go through from 12-22 and give practical insights on how each phase needs to be handled differently in your ministry.

Rooted in Prayer

Kalista Bartee
In this course, Kalista helps you develop strategies to intentionally incorporate and teach prayer in your ministry: with teens, with volunteers, and with parents.

Small Groups

Annie Grandell
Annie Grandell (from YDisciple) breaks open the strategy of small group ministry. She outlines the process of building an effective small group ministry!

Teach It Better

Michael and Crystal Marchand
Learn valuable tried and tested tools to plan and give your best teaching. Michael and Crystal walk you through the strategy, the art, the elements, and the methods of how to teach your content better.

Creating A Culture

Learn how to build the culture of your ministry to be centered around prayer, evangelization, discernment, and discipleship.

Habit Check

Michael and Crystal Marchand
Take a look at the habits that we often develop as ministry leaders: Which ones are healthy and vital? Which ones are unhealthy and need to be dropped? Which ones are we missing?

Balancing Act

Michael and Crystal Marchand
Michael and Crystal break open how you and your ministry need to be intentional about finding balance between the seemingly contradictory traits.

Recruitment Engine

Tony Vasinda
Tony Vasinda unfolds the best way to recruit more volunteers for your ministry. He challenges you to look at your team, evaluate your needs, and make a plan to grow a healthy, thriving volunteer team

Parent Relationships

Michael Marchand and Tony Vasinda
Tony and Michael walk you through how parents view us in our ministry, tools and tips to support parents along the way, and how to equip parents to form their teens.

Balancing Act

Chris Wesley
Chris Wesley (from Marathon Youth Ministry) helps you answer three important questions: Why does your ministry exist? What does your ministry do? How do you put it all together and get to where you want your ministry to go?

Fired Up

Michael Marchand, Crystal Marchand, and Tony Vasinda
This course explores the often neglected (but essential) step of how to get everyone fired up about your ministry – parents, teens, volunteers, and even your pastor!




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